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Developmental Services Quality Council
The Developmental Services Quality Council was established to provide leadership for consistent, systemic review and improvement of the quality of the developmental disability and acquired brain disorder services provided within New Hampshire’s developmental services system.

Early Supports and Children, Families, Youth, Teens

New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services

Family Resource Connection

Early Intervention Family Alliance

Early Learning New Hampshire

New Hampshire Family Voices

Parent Information Center

Forums on Family/School Partnerships in Special Education
Parent Information Center: 603-224-7005 or 800-947-7005

Tips for Parents on Partnering with Schools and Helping Your Children

School Tips for Parents of a Child with a Disability


Advancing Futures for Adults with Autism

Benefits/Financial Assistance

2010 Medigap Policies: A Guide to Health Insurance for People with Medicare

Blind/Visually Impaired

Summit – The Story of a person who is blind who climbed Mount Everest

Kids Who are Blind Do Science Too

National Center for Blind Youth in Science

Stories of People Who are Blind

Information and Resources for People who are Blind or have Low vision

New Hampshire Resources for Adults and Children who are Blind

Blindness – Handicap or Characteristic

The Nature of Independence


Bullying Prevention Resources

Violence Prevention Resources (includes information for adults and older adults)

Ryan’s Story: How Bullying Affected a Child and Family

Bullying Prevention Resources for Parents, Schools, Law Enforcement, the Community

Toolkit on Bullying for Parents

Take a Stand, Lend a Hand


When Employees become Caregivers: A Manager’s Workbook

Deaf/Hard of Hearing

National Institute on Deafness and other Communication Disorders

Disability Awareness/ Success Stories

Rocket Launch – The Story of a NASA RocketLlaunched by Students Who are Blind

A CEO Learns Important Lessons from Having a Temporary Disability

Disability Language and the term “special needs”

An Olympic Athlete’s Story About Living with Depression

Disability History

Beyond Affliction -The Disability History Project

Disability History Museum

Down syndrome

Myths and Facts about Down syndrome

National Down Syndrome Society
Helpline: 800-221-4602

For Employers

Information About Blindness and Vision Loss for Employers

Business Case for Hiring People with Disabilities

Business Tax Credits and Deductions for Employment of People with Disabilities

Information and Resources for Employers on Hiring People with Disabilities

For Employers- Disability Employment Resource Page

Disability Nondiscrimination Law Information for Employers

Resources for People with Disabilities Seeking Employment

Able and Willing

Essential Skills to Getting a Job

Health and Wellness/Health Care

Health Care Reform Provisions Effective 9/23/10

Spanish Language Health Care Reform and Insurance Information

Health Care Reform Insurance Appeals Information


Tools for Tenants

Older Adults

National Council on the Aging (NCOA)


Federal Citizens Information Center
Publications and information on education, employment, food, housing, money, etc.
Tel: 888-878-3256

Recreation and Leisure

Cheerleading Team for Kids with Disabilities


Reducing Your Risk of Falls

Teens/Young Adult/Transition Planning

Navigating College-Tips for Parents and Students with a Learning Disability


Grafton-Coos Regional Transportation Directory and Resources

New Hampshire Medicaid Medical Transportation Program
Tel: 603-271-3770 or 800-852-3345, extension 3770 (in NH only).

Veterans/Service Members

United States Department of Veterans Affairs

Disabled American Veterans (DAV)

Consumer Directed Services:

This program offers those with intellectual or developmental disabilities or brain injuries and/or their representatives the opportunity and responsibility to design and manage the supports and services that are meaningful to the client and to assist in supporting their disability. Working within the guidelines the client and/or family will work in conjunction with Moore Center Services as their Fiscal Agent to purchase services.

The goal of the New Hampshire Leadership Series is to support self-advocacy and leadership skills for individuals with disabilities and their family members who wish to affect change at a personal, community, and statewide level to support the full inclusion of individuals with disabilities in their schools and communities.


National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals:


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