We’re Hiring! Home Provider/Life Skills Coach/Mentor

Position: Home Provider/Life Skills Coach/Mentor
(Experience preferred, but we’ll also train)
Compensation: The annual compensation is $60k (non-taxable)

Want to make a real difference in someone’s life? We’re looking for a Life Skills Coach/Mentor (experience preferred but not required – we’ll train you) to live with Chris, a 27 year old young man who’s energetic, active, fun-loving and adventurous and is working toward his goal of becoming more independent. He also has an intellectual disability.

This is a “live-in” or “home provider” situation, depending on what works best for you:

Live-in: Chris currently lives in a 2 bedroom/2 bath apartment, so as a live-in Life Skills Coach/Mentor you’ll move in with Chris and have your own bedroom and bathroom. 

Home Provider: As a Home Provider and a Life Skills Coach/Mentor Chris would live in your home and have a private room with access to the all shared areas of the home. 

The Difference You Can Make!

Chris enjoys a variety of activities, such as working out the gym, hiking, bowling, video games, music, fishing, snowboarding, and going to the movies. He’s also very social, has a good sense of humor and enjoys taking classes toward certificate programs.

As his Life Skills Coach/Mentor you’ll be a positive influence toward helping him engage in these activities, while also helping him work toward his goal of becoming more independent.

To become more independent, Chris is working on developing his cooking skills, organizational skills and making good life choices. Your influence and guidance will play a significant role in helping him successfully achieve these goals.

Your Responsibilities  

Being a Home Provider and a Life Skills Coach/Mentor is a very rewarding position and you’ll see the results of your effort on a day-to-day basis. Your responsibilities are important and will be sincerely appreciated by Chris and his family.

Chris participates in a 6 hour/day program, typically from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday through Friday. As his Home Provider and a Life Skills Coach/Mentor you’ll be responsible for supervising his activities while at home, as well as helping him with meal planning and preparation (including grocery shopping), and providing transportation. You’ll also be responsible for helping him participate in activities that he enjoys, as mentioned above.

As a Home Provider and a Life Skills Coach/Mentor, compensation is provided as a generous, non-taxable annual stipend under the State of New Hampshire Adult Foster Care program. The annual compensation for this position is $60,000. The Moore Center will provide extensive training and support, and respite is also available, and The Moore Center’s Residential Shared Homes department will provide oversight to the Home Provider/Life Skills Coach/Mentor. 

If you’re a caring and compassionate, mature individual who will be a good role model, we’d like to talk to you. Experience in working with intellectual disabilities is a plus, but not required. For answers to any questions please email Denise Gookin.

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