Temporary Home Provider & Mentor Needed!

Position: Temporary Home Provider/Mentor (could lead to permanent, if desired)
Compensation: $130/day (weekdays) / $175/day (weekends)

We’re looking for someone to provide a temporary home for Matthew, a 29-year-old young man who is an avid Boston sports fan, and is also deaf and has Asperger’s syndrome/behavioral needs. This rewarding position requires someone who knows ASL (American Sign Language), and if you share some of Matthew’s interests that would be ideal.

More About Matthew

Matthew is a fan of Boston sports teams, loves animals, basketball, bowling, swimming, and being around other deaf individuals. He loves keeping busy and wants to find more activities to engage in within the community of individuals who experience deafness.

Matthew loves his job working in a cafeteria and is making a sincere effort toward attaining more independence, and he could really use a mentor to help improve his skills and quality of life.

He maintains a healthy lifestyle but needs a bit of help in monitoring his medical needs. He also has a great sense of humor, is hard-working, kind-hearted, likes to please others and is great at focusing on his goals.

Matthew has support from approximately 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. from DSPs (Direct Support Professionals) who help him engage in the community and maintain his employment.

Your Responsibilities

As a home provider and mentor your role, in general, will be to:

  • Provide safe housing, including a private bedroom with access to the rest of the home.
  • Assist in monitoring Matthew’s medical needs
  • Help him engage in activities with other deaf members of the community

Matthew is capable of taking care of his own personal hygiene and preparing most meals. He’ll need assistance with grocery shopping and making decisions around meal planning.


Being a home provider is a wonderful opportunity to make a difference by providing a supportive environment and acting as a mentor to help him achieve his goals. Your responsibilities are important and your work will be sincerely appreciated by Matthew and his family.

As a home provider, compensation is paid as a non-taxable stipend under the State of New Hampshire Participant Directed & Managed Services program. Compensation is via a daily stipend of $130/day (weekdays) / $175/day (weekends) while under a temporary placement, and would likely be converted to an annual compensation rate if it becomes a permanent placement. The Moore Center will also provide on-going supervision and support.

If you’re a caring and compassionate, mature individual who will be a good role model for Matthew, please visit our Career Opportunities page. For answers to any questions please email bobby.bist@moorecenter.org

You can apply by completing the form below, or you can visit our Career Opportunities page

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