Compassionate Home Care Provider Needed!

Position: Home Care Provider/Mentor
(no experience necessary – we’ll train you)
Compensation: $54,000  Annually (non-taxable) plus Room & Board

We’re looking for someone to provide care in their home for a 25-year-old young woman who is energetic, outgoing, warm and caring. She’s accomplished so much as she works toward becoming more independent since she suffered an anoxic brain injury.

As a home provider she would live in your home and have a private room with access to the rest of the home. This is a rewarding opportunity for someone who can offer a supportive environment and act as a mentor to help her achieve her goals, in addition to providing room and board.

Since she attends school and works in Manchester, so the home provider needs to be in Manchester also. She would do best with a female provider or with a couple, and in a home without children. The ideal situation would be one where she could rent an in-law apartment, or possibly a duplex with the provider living in the other half.

More About Her

She has a wonderful sense of humor and loves to laugh. She works as an associate teacher in child care and attends Manchester Community College, where she’s an Honor Student working toward a Lead Teacher Certificate. Her ultimate goal is to become a teacher in a child care program.

She’s First Aid and CPR certified, loves to keep busy with house cleaning, and loves pets. She also loves movies, playing bingo, dining out, shopping, and takes pride in her appearance.

Her Goals

She’s working toward becoming more independent. To achieve that goal she needs help with things like budgeting, scheduling, and making community connections to increase her friendships. She also needs assistance in focusing on a healthy lifestyle around diet and exercise, including managing her diabetes, meal planning and preparation, and grocery shopping.

Your Responsibilities  

Being a home provider is a wonderful opportunity to make a difference. Your responsibilities are important and your work will be sincerely appreciated by her and her family.

As a home provider you’ll be responsible for the following:

  • Assistance/oversight of scheduling appointments for medical needs
  • Providing the support required to help her achieve her goals (see above)
  • Transportation to/from appointments, work and school
  • Providing a caring, compassionate and supportive home environment
  • Being an active mentor/positive role model

Her days include a mix of participating in a Day Program (where she has an assigned Direct Support Professional), attending school, and working at a day care center. She also has a very loving and supportive family and who is available for training and support. 

As a home provider, compensation is paid as a non-taxable monthly stipend under the State of New Hampshire Participant Directed & Managed Services program. The annual compensation for this position is $54,000 plus room and board. The Moore Center will provide extensive training and support, and funding for respite is also available. 

We’re looking for a caring and compassionate, mature individual who will be a good role model. Experience in working with intellectual disabilities is a plus, but not required. For answers to any questions please email Donna Raiche.

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