The Moore Center is a human services organization that places people with disabilities into caring homes (referred to as a Residential Home Providers) under the New Hampshire Adult Foster Care program. We currently have openings for several Residential Home Providers throughout the greater Manchester, NH area. 

Our most immediate need is for a Residential Home Provider who speaks Bosnian to provide care for a 56 year old Bosnian woman who has a mild intellectual disability and is also visually impaired. She is very independent, does her own laundry, has a good sense of humor, likes audio books, music, movies, and loves to shop. 

The compensation for this specific position is $62,000/ year, which includes room and board. A majority of the compensation may also qualify for a Federal tax exemption under the New Hampshire Adult Foster Care program guidelines.

An additional care provider (a Direct Support Professional) will also provide care for 7 hours per day, 5 days per week.

The general responsibilities include such things as: providing room and board, transportation to appointments, meals, and other duties as may be required. For this position you must speak Bosnian and also have good command of English.

If you’re interested in learning more about this position, or other Residential Home Provider opportunities in the greater Manchester area, please contact either of the individuals below:

Denise Gookin, Residential Manager
Phone: 603-206-2766

Chet Bobola
Phone: 603-206-2838

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