Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a general term for complex disorders of brain development that can cause significant difficulties in social interaction, verbal and non-verbal communication and repetitive behaviors. The Moore Center offers programs and services for children and adults with ASD, including community participation services, residential services, in-home support services, career development, family support, respite and more.

For more information on what services we provide, please contact your case manager, or call us at (603) 206-2700 and ask to speak to our Intake Coordinator.

Autism Resources

A selection of websites, local resources and books.

Upcoming Activities & Events

Activities & events in the Greater Manchester area.

Manchester Autism Support Group

Connect with parents in Greater Manchester.

Check out our Autism Blog:

The Buddy Project Visited Manchester’s ASD Support Group!

Eric Zimmerman founded The Buddy Project, an organization that provides technology and training to individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities. He came to The Manchester Area Autism Support Group’s most recent meeting and spoke about his life and journey with autism.

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“Just One Of The Many Strengths Autism Gives Me”

Kudos to Market Basket for hiring teens with autism! As someone with over 10 years experience in the behavioral and human services field, I was pretty surprised when the young man bagging my groceries said, “”People at school can be like, ‘Oh he’s so weird, that kid is so weird’, but…

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New Research On Autism Genes

A new study published in Nature Genetics journal shows that the genetic risk that is associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder is a genetic risk that is present even in those of us who are not on the spectrum.

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Mitigate Teasing And Bullying

For many children with physical and/or developmental disabilities, trying to fit in with peers can be difficult. By being proactive when possible, we can help mitigate the stares, whispers and often not cruel-intentioned but hurtful comments.

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A Special Birthday Party Invitation

As parents or caretakers of someone with autism, you try to hard to create opportunities for a good life for your loved one. It is so heartwarming and refreshing when someone else also creates those opportunities.

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