Ages 0-3

Ages 0-3Early Supports and Services

Early Supports and Services (ESS) is at the heart of the comprehensive services we offer for children between birth and age three and their families. Providing family-directed, individualized supports, our offerings encompass Early Supports and Services, Autism Protocol Services and a number of other relevant services.

Autism Protocol Services

Autism Protocol services build upon the Early Supports and Services provided through a child’s IFSP (Individual Family Support Plan). These additional services include, but are not limited to, consultation and supports designed to help families identify and implement behavioral and sensory strategies that are known to assist children who have Autism to achieve their optimum potential.

In Home Supports

For children that live at home with their family and are supported on the IHS waiver, we offer the following services:

Personal care: which includes assistance and skills training with basic daily living skills, such as communication, socialization, health and personal safety, and physical functioning.

Children’s Services

The Moore Center oversees more than 650 families, featuring family-oriented services customized to best meet the needs of the child. The Children’s Service Department oversees the provision of Early Supports and Services (ESS) in the greater Manchester area, which serves children under three who have an established condition, developmental delay, or are at risk of a substantial delay.  Service providers in ESS act as the contact point for families, offering resources and service coordination.

Age 0-3Family Centered Early Supports and Services

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