The Foundry Times - Volume 1

Career Development and Customized Employment are very excited to share Volume 1 of the Foundry Times! This is our day program newspaper that is a written collaboration between staff and the individuals we support. We hope you enjoy it; stay tuned for Volume 2 coming out shortly!

A Brief History of the NH Regional Service System

Matthew Ertas, former Chief of the Bureau of Developmental Services, gives a lecture to Moore Center staff about the history of services for people with disabilities in NH. Matthew brings a wealth of knowledge on the history of New Hampshire’s Regional Service System and its evolution to today’s model.

Watch the full video presentation here!

Blind Hiker Randy Pierce Randy Speaks at Annual Celebration

Randy Pierce spoke at the Moore Center’s annual celebration about his 2020 vision quest. “I can’t see, but I celebrate ability awareness. What you can do is always going to be more important than what you can’t do,” Pierce said. 

With his guide dog Autumn at his side, Pierce shared how he lost his sight to a neurological disorder. 

But from his lowest point, he chose to reach the highest by climbing New Hampshire’s tallest peaks. 

Now Hiring - We'll Train You To Be a Life Skills Coach!

GirlSmiling-1-sliderWant to make a difference in someone’s life, while making a difference in yours too? Become a Life Skills Coach! 

A Life Skills Coach is a coach, mentor and teacher. They help individuals with intellectual disabilities, like autism & Down syndrome, develop the skills needed to integrate into the community and pursue opportunities for employment, improving their overall quality of life. 

Feed New Hampshire Awards $20,000 Grant to Moore Options for Seniors!

We were honored to donate $20,000 today to Moore Options for Seniors!

As a nonprofit organization, their mission is to serve the community by providing superior elder care that offers the best quality of life at the most affordable cost. If you want to find out more, check them out!

Moore Center Client Becomes an Entrepreneur!

Nick Hebert at CGI Vending MachineNick Hebert is very ambitious – especially when it comes to his vending machine business. He loves talking snacks and he knows his stuff! 

Nick was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome at a young age. After graduating from high school he began participating in The Moore Center’s day program, where he was given with the opportunity to stock The Moore Center’s vending machines. 

Moore Options for Seniors - Free In-Home Risk Assessment

Caregiver-w-woman-blurb-imgThe best way to avoid the high cost of a nursing home is to avoid incidents that take your choice away. This is by far the most cost-effective approach to ensuring the best quality of life for the least possible cost.

To help you identify incidents that could take your choice away we offer a Free In-Home Risk Assessment. This assessment will help you understand the high-risk activities that your elderly loved one faces that could cause them to lose their independence and end up in a nursing home.

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The Moore Center

Creating Opportunities for a Good Life!

girl-doing-craftsBased in Manchester, New Hampshire, The Moore Center is a state and regional innovator with more than 50 years of experience in helping people become productive, fulfilled members of the community.

Working closely with each individual, The Moore Center identifies unique needs and creates individualized programs to enhance that person’s quality of life and that of the community as a whole. We are an award-winning leader recognized for providing high quality, cost-effective services with a personal, caring touch to individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities and acquired brain injuries, as well as services to children and senior citizens and training for the human services workforce.

Compassion, commitment and community provide the foundation for all of The Moore Center’s initiatives and inspire our primary goal: Creating opportunities for a good life.


The Moore Center serves people with intellectual, developmental and personal challenges by creating opportunities for a good life.


We envision a day when all people, despite their challenges, are fully engaged in their communities and living a good life.


Honesty: We deal with each other in an open and sincere manner. 
Integrity: We act in a manner consistent with our words and beliefs, always honoring our commitments. 
Respect: We treat one another with kindness, courtesy, dignity and empathy. 
Diversity: We value and respect differences among all individuals. 
Accountability: We take fiscal and programmatic responsibility for our own words and actions. 
Innovation: We foster and encourage creativity in facilitating options.  

Interview With Matt Savage

Watch this insightful interview Paul Boynton conducted with Matt Savage, guest speaker and performer at our annual meeting who overcame issues associated with Pervasive Development Disorder, a high-functioning type of autism, to become a renowned performer.

Learn More About Us

The Moore Center is an award-winning leader recognized for providing high quality, cost-effective services to individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities and acquired brain injuries, as well as children and senior citizens. Read more…

Who We Serve

We offer services across all age groups, from children through seniors. We work with a network of service providers to ensure that the needs of our clients are met, all focused on our mission of Creating Opportunities for a Good Life!  Learn more…

Moore Options for Seniors

We offer an array of creative programs to help seniors remain in a home environment for as long as possible. We provide in-home personal care and innovative alternatives to nursing homes that are significantly more affordable. Learn more…

Here are some featured posts from our blog:

Come to The Moore Center Job Fair! March 15th

Explore careers in Human Services! On-the-Spot interviews with hiring managers, internships, full & part time/per-diem/flexible hours with training & career development. Register to win a $250 Visa Gift Card. No babysitter, no problem – kids welcome!

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English as a Second Language (ESL) Training

We’re offering FREE ESL training! We’re working in partnership with the Manchester CC WorkReadyNH program to help those who want to increase their English language proficiency to qualify for employment within our organization. Register here!

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Compassionate Home Care Provider Needed!

Make a difference! Open your home to care for a 25-year-old young woman who’s accomplished so much as she works toward becoming independent since suffering an anoxic brain injury. $54k anual compensation. No experience needed – we’ll train you!

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We’re Hiring! Live-in Life Skills Coach/Mentor

Want to make a difference in someone’s life? Be a Live-in Life Skills Coach/Mentor for Chris, and help him work toward his goal of becoming more independent. It offers equitable compensation, which is also non taxable. Some experience a plus, but we’ll also train you.

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We’re Hiring! Early Childhood Educators

This isn’t your typical Early Childhood Educator position! We provide an in-depth collaboration with families by working in their homes and community, using family-centered methods, while also empowering them to advocate for their children. More…

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Conflict Free Case Management Survey Forums

If you receive Case Management through Area Agency Services then you may have heard the terms conflict free case management, or conflict of interest and you may be wondering what this means. You can sign up for one of our forums to learn more and offer your feedback as we move forward.

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We’re Hiring! Registered Behavioral Tech

We’re pioneering a ground-breaking program to provide emergency services for individuals with intellectual disabilities who face crisis situations. We’re looking for a Registered Behavioral Tech to work with our Clinical Direct Support Professionals to provide direct care to ensure stabilization and temporary respite.

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